Duncan Jones to Direct 'Warcraft' Film

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Legendary Pictures has been attempting to get a "Warcraft" film off the ground for a few years now, and the studio has tapped "Moon" and "Source Code" director Duncan Jones to make it happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones will make the leap to blockbuster filmmaking after inking a deal with Legendary and Warner Brothers. He'll be directing from a script by Charles Leavitt, who came aboard after Robert Rodat took a pass at it.

"Warcraft" is Blizzard Entertainment's popular (and notoriously addictive) online multiplayer video game that mixes fantasy and sci-fi elements. As THR points out, the game features a "kitchen sink" assortment of dragons, orcs, zombies, werewolves, aliens, and spaceships.

At one point, Sam Raimi was on board to direct the film, but he dropped out to helm "Oz the Great and Powerful," thus leaving the door open for Jones. It seems like that was fated to happen; after all, back in 2010, Jones insisted that "Warcraft" would be the perfect candidate for a video game movie that could work where so many others have failed.

In an interview with Devin Faraci, Jones revealed that he was "hugely jealous" of Raimi at the time because he believed that "World of Warcraft could be the launch of computer games as good films." Jones is an avid gamer himself and is highly aware of the infamous legacy of most video game adaptations, so the property feels like it's in the right hands.

Jones reiterated his stance on Twitter last night by stating he's always "said it's possible" to "make a proper movie of a video game." Now, he says he's "got to do it."

Some early rumors indicate that Jones may get some help from Johnny Depp, as Warner reportedly wants him for the lead role. While it's too early to count on Depp's participation, expect the cast to come together quite quickly since the studio is targeting a 2015 release date for the film (yes, another big 2015 film, as if there weren't enough already).

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