Don't Blame the Hollywood Reporter Founder's Sophomoric Vengeance for Astounding Idiocy of Hollywood Blacklist

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Disney's greatest villain, Maleficent, is partly due to the fact that her vengeance is stimulated merely by not being invited to a party. On screen that's a pretty fun thing. In real life, not so much.

The son of the founder of the Hollywood Reporter has written a long piece in which he says that the infamous blacklist of Hollywood actors, writers and directors was inspired in part his father was not allowed to become part of the club of movie studio owners in the 1920s.

In other words, men and women had their careers ruined and even went to the length of killing themselves because of the equivalent of some dunderhead not being invited into the Key Club in high school.

Or so the story will go from this point forward. I understand the reasoning behind the piece in the Hollywood Reporter by Willie Wilkerson about his loser father, but the danger here is that now the fault of the Hollywood blacklist will fall on the weak shoulders of Billy Wilkerson.

Wilkerson's decision to do a "Dan Vs." against the studio owners who blackballed him from joining their exclusive club was as misguided as a judge forcing a corporation to pay a fine for illegal activities. The corporation is not going to suffer any hurt because they will just get the money back from raising prices or cutting jobs. Wilkerson did not hurt the studio bosses who hurt him; they made just as much money by hiring new talent. True, the cinema of the 1950s was irrefutably worse than that of the 1940s since so much talent was kicked to the curb, but the money kept rolling into the pockets of the studio heads.

And now come the danger of blaming the entire enterprise of the Hollywood blacklist on Billy Wilkerson's weak-minded revenge plot.

The truth is much more complex, of course. Wilkerson may have put the plot in motion, but history proves that those in power are highly susceptible to idiotic behavior when they see a chance that they may actually lose a few pennies of profit. Expand that to millions of dollars and the, interestingly, the idiocy increases exponentially. And few events in American history better illuminates the inherent idiocy of capitalists at the top than the Hollywood blacklist.

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