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Figurine from Three Caballeros

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Figurine from Three Caballeros

Donald Duck may be known these days primarily as a television star, on shows like "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," but for decades he was one of the world's most bankable movie stars, surpassing even Disney staple Mickey Mouse. His cartoons ran before many of the major motion picture releases every year, and he was a featured player in the Hollywood push to support the troops in WWII, appearing in dozens of pro-American cartoons designed to bolster support at home. He's a highly collectible duck, but despite his success, nothing seems to ever go quite the way he'd like however, and his temper's sure to flare up often.

"Three Cabelleros"

One of few full-length Donald Duck movies, "Three Caballeros," was released in 1944, as part of Disney's push into Latin America. We follow Donald as he meets two Latin American birds and they take him on a journey through some of their favorite places, including Brazil and Mexico.

I have a few things from "Three Caballeros," including a 10" figurine (pictured) and a beanie. There are also comics and books, along with the movie itself, of course. Disney World down in Florida features the "Three Caballeros" in Epcot, at the Mexican portion of their world tour, where you can get porcelains and musical instruments that feature Donald and his Latin friends.

Animation Cel

I also have an animation cel (pictured), probably the most expensive and hardest to get item in my collection. I got it during an art auction on a cruise, of all places. It came with full papers and authenticity records, but I'm still stumped as to what cartoon it's from. Most likely it's a common pen-and-ink drawing used during production but perhaps not the film itself. Either way, it's a hand-drawn bit of my favorite duck's history.


I'm actually a little embarrassed to admit how many stuffed versions of Donald I've actually got. Let's just say there's a couple boxes in storage right now and leave it at that. Easy to find and inexpensive, you need to keep the tags and the duck in mint condition if you ever have hope that they may be worth something. My most recent acquisition was at Disney World, in the Nordic portion of Epcot. Everyone needs a beanie of Donald Duck as a Viking warrior, right?

Cups and Cookie Jars

One of the easiest Donald things to find is the coffee mug. When the Disney Store carries nothing else Donald, that's what I've been able to find. I've got about 25 of them. Which means I'm pretty highly caffeinated.

Harder to find is the elusive Donald Duck cookie jar, which I also have one of. Haven't seen anything like it since.

Odds and Ends

I have a lot of comics and random books, including some book-of-the-month subscription type stuff that my mom signed me up for when I was kid. I also have, or used to have, a lot of t-shirts, and a pair of men's pajamas, as well as a piggy bank. Probably one of the most expensive things I have besides my animation cel is a water globe called "Donald Through the Years," which has a figurine of Donald as he currently looks surrounded on all sides by smaller models of how he looked in each of his seven previous decades (pictured).

So that's it. That's my duck obsession in a nutshell. Hope it makes you feel better about your movie obsessions. Have fun collecting. Ciao!

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