The distinguished dwarves of 'Snow White & the Huntsman'

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"Snow White & the Huntsman" may be about the battle to see who is the fairest of them all, but the pedigree of its dwarves deserves some recognition. We will likely never see another collection of dwarves played by such a talented cast that are not themselves the focus of the action.

Charlize Theron may have joined the recent collection of actresses who won as Oscar for playing ugly and Kristin Stewart may be hot stuff among bloodless vamp lovers, but those guys playing the dwarves represent meaty acting at its best. Alongside more up-and-coming performers like Johnny Harris and Brian Gleeson are these established dwarf stars.

Eddie Marsan

Forget those dopey Disney names, the dwarves of "Snow White & the Huntsman" sport monikers like Duir. Duir is played by the always fascinating Eddie Marsan.

Marsan was shamefully overlooked by Oscar for his star-making role in "Happy-Go-Lucky," where he somehow managed not to be overshadowed by Sally Hawkins giving the best comic performance by a female so far this millennium.

Bob Hoskins

Muir is portrayed by one of the best friends a movie rabbit ever had. Bob Hoskins has been delivering memorable performances on film for more than three decades, but is probably best known for his role as Eddie Valiant in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

Ian McShane

He will never be remembered as Beith. Just ask the guys aboard the Satellite of Love. In the episode guide for "Mystery Science Theater 3000," the writers confess that, even though they made a busload of "Lovejoy" jokes during the riffing of "Code Name: Diamond Head," the crew really was not that familiar with the British mystery series.

For many, Ian McShane will always be Lovejoy, and he was hardly a dwarf among his peers.

Ray Winstone

What does "Snow White & the Huntsman" have in common with "The Day Earth Stood Still"? Both have characters named Gort. The dwarf named Gort is played by Ray Winstone.

Winstone has been a distinguished actor since shortly after Richard Nixon resigned the presidency. Since then, he has appeared in movies about punk rockers, Mods, Robin Hood, King Arthur, crystal skulls, Beantown cops and gangsters, Greek gods, and a kid named Cabret. You may recognize his voice as a certain beaver from Narnia.

Toby Jones

How does an actor go from playing Truman Capote to appearing naked in "Your Highness"? That career low point for Toby Jones makes playing a dwarf named Coll in "Snow White & the Huntsman" nothing less than a comeback just a year after nearly throwing his credibility away.

In the world of motion capture acting, younger members of the audience may be most familiar with Jones through his voice work as Dobby in the Harry Potter movies.

Nick Frost

Nion will be instantly recognizable to fans of Simon Pegg. Wherever you see Pegg, such as in "Hot Fuzz," you know that Nick Frost won't be far behind.

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