What Did the Razzie Awards Leave Out for Worst of 2012? Rise of the Golden Raspberry

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When I suggested in 2012 that the Razzie Awards become a prime-time TV event, I wasn't on my occasional satiric train of thought. More than a few agreed with me as mainstream Hollywood seems to pile up more Golden Raspberry Award potentials through each ensuing year. 2012 was a watershed time for these anti-awards, even going so far as to place Barbra Streisand on the worst actress list for the first time in her career.

While the above zing may be a stretch for the sake of gaining more publicity, the Golden Raspberry Awards had such an abundance of material this year that they left out a few movies some could argue were at least on equal ground with nomination winner "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2."

Nevertheless, these non-Razzied movies perhaps straddled that ineffable line between being both bad and good for reasons that need clarification.

Cloud Atlas

It's enough of a mind boggle that "Cloud Atlas" ended up on many worst of the year lists, yet not a single Razzie nomination. Now we know that when critics say certain novels are deemed unfilmable, they're more than right and will be taken seriously by studio suits. This isn't to say that the film didn't still bring a massive cerebral vision that most people just didn't have the time or desire to commit to.

By all accounts, it may become a film that nobody will ever know for sure is bad or good. "Citizen Kane" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" have gone through that complex stage in the last 20 years. The worst that can be said about "Cloud Atlas" is that nothing else like it will ever be made again, hence perhaps making it one of the very worst films of the year simply by what it instigated.

Total Recall

This somehow didn't end up on the Razzie's category of "Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel." While we know this "Total Recall" was a pale comparison to the 1990 original, it suffered from one aspect that likely kept it off the Razzie list: Colin Farrell. The Irish actor managed to occasionally rise above the weak script as proof of his peer respect and capability of going beyond the page.

It won't be the first time a film has been maligned, yet the actor feted for turning mediocre dialogue into something more with how those lines are uttered.

John Carter

Most jaws hit the floor when Mars monstrosity "John Carter" became ignored this year at the Razzie Awards. Perhaps the explanation behind it all is that it was too obvious. Or, it could be from respect for the Disney arm in trying something old fashioned with the imbalance of CGI tricks.

Whatever the case for the Razzie absentmindedness, it's perhaps another lesson in how every award academy forgets movies released earlier in the year. With that, we've cracked an obvious code as to why studios place many of their obvious bombs early in the year as a way to avoid Razzie mention.

Movie studios shouldn't recoil at one of their movies making the Razzie nomination list. The mainstream appeal of the Razzies and perhaps a future TV broadcast would remind everyone that bad films are only a part of a complex process and not the sign of the apocalypse.

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