Darth Vader Invades Disneyland, Checks Out the Dumbo Ride (Video)

The Wrap

Disney isn't wasting any time exploiting its acquisition of Lucasfilm.

While a new "Star Wars" film likely won't hit the big screen until 2015, Disney -- which announced it had acquired George Lucas' company for $4 billion on Tuesday -- has released a video of "Star Wars" villain Darth Vader, accompanied by a pair of storm troopers, enjoying the attractions at the Happiest Place on Earth as he settles into his role as the black sheep of the Disney family.

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The Dumbo ride. The fireworks display and parade. Using the Force to remove Excalibur from its stone -- you know, the usual Disney experience.

What's next, replacing the Epcot Center with the Death Star? It is a small world, after all...

Ponder the cross-promotional possibilities as you watch the video.


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