`Dan Vs.': Perfect Candidate for Adaptation of TV Cartoon to Live Action Theatrical Movie

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News that all that nasty Hollywood blacklist and communist witch hunt business was partly motivated by the founder of the Hollywood Reporter unwisely enacting a particularly misguided brand of revenge against studio owners who refused to allow him into their exclusive club has motivated me to suggest a big screen live action comedy based on a great small screen animated comedy.

If you haven't yet caught "Dan Vs." on the Hub Network, then one can only wonder if you have access to the Hub Network. No other response that touches on the reality that you have never seen "Dan Vs." will have any validity. "Dan Vs." utilizes the sublime voice of that guy who played Booger in the "Revenge of the Nerds" movie and Herbert Viola on "Moonlighting" to touch upon the primal instinct within most of us to set the world right through acts of vengeance that some may see as verging on psychotic.

You know the saying that it isn't paranoia if they really are after you? Well, in the world of "Dan Vs." it usually turns out that Dan is far less a victim of psychosis than he is capable of seeing through to the pertinent reality of a given situation.

Some animated TV comedy series are primed for live action adaptation on the big screen. Others are, well, not so much. A world in which somebody thinks it would be a great idea to transform "The Smurfs" into the world of live action cinema, but not "Dan Vs." is not a world in which I wish to live. The point being that any world in which Michael Bay is allowed to make movies and Mitt Romney is allowed to be nominated for President is one that pretty much cries out for a big screen live action version of "Dan Vs."

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