Damon Lindelof Talks '1952' Project

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Damon Lindelof has adopted the "mystery box" approach of his buddy J.J. Abrams, as he's been cooking up a secret project dubbed "1952" over at Disney for the past few months. However, the screenwriter recently shed a little light behind the development of the project, including the participation of Brad Bird.

Bird is set to direct the film, which is confirmed to be an original project set up at Disney for Lindelof. Good timing brought the two together, as Lindelof recounts how the two hit it off during post-production on their respective projects.

One day, the two were discussing upcoming projects, and Lindelof began to discuss "1952" with Bird, whose "eyes [lit] up a little bit." Sensing some interest, Lindelof seized the opportunity to ask Bird's involvement, and the director didn't hesitate to come aboard.

In fact, Lindelof has revealed that Bird has also become a co-writer on the project, and he's spent the past four months working on it. The "Prometheus" scribe calls it "an incredible experience" because he's been able to learn from Bird and "evolve" as a writer.

Lindelof kept the lid on any actual details about the film itself; while it's rumored to be "in the vein" of Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," nothing has been confirmed about the project.

In fact, the film hasn't even been officially greenlit by Disney, but Lindelof has said it's just a matter of hammering out some "casting elements"(George Clooney has been rumored to star) and the budget before they can finally "announce what this movie is."

The writer hopes the film will go into production sometime next year, and, when it does, he insists that he and Bird will be in control of the project. Disney has given the duo "a tremendous amount of creative license," which Lindelof finds surprising because the studio has a "specific, corporate brand to maintain."

Even though it hasn't been officially revealed, "1952" is shaping up to be a project to keep an eye on during the next couple of years.

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