Daft Punk Lets You Watch Them Open Their Own Record (Video)

The Wrap

If you can't wait to tear open the packaging on Daft Punk's new record, watch the robots do it eight days early.

"Random Access Memories," the first album from the French guys in cool helmets, will be released on May 21 through Columbia Records imprint Daft Life Limited. 

But why wait until next week? The video "Random Access Memories Unboxed" was released Monday, featuring the electronic duo carefully opening the new record aboard some sort of a futuristic spacecraft. You know -- the kind that still has a vinyl turntable.

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It essentially reveals the track listing, cover and in-album artwork. (At least we know the font will be cool.)

At the end of the clip, a few seconds of the first track, "Give Life Back to Music," on "Random Access Memories" is played for your listener anticipation.

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