Coolest Movie Theaters in America

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Coolest Movie Theaters in America

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We all love movies. No matter who you ask most people could name at least one movie that they love, that made them laugh or cry. Since the birth of film people have been watching movies together, enjoying the theater atmosphere, turning down the lights, popping popcorn. Here is a list of a few unique and historical theaters that have changed the way we watch movies, and the way we view the world.

The Riverview Theater, Minnesota -

From the outside, this 1950s style cinema looks like a step back in time compared with its modernized neighbors. But locals, as well as anyone familiar with The Riverview Theater knows that outward appearance is nothing when it comes to The Riverview. Daily, the theater shows three movies, on its single screen auditorium. The interior varies from many theaters, the lounge is large and cozy with plenty of chairs and couches to kick back on. The auditorium itself is enormous and very comfortable. It does manage to keep the 50s vibe while still giving all the modern comforts that most theaters offer.

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The Music Box Theater, Illinois - First opened in 1929, The Music Box, named the largest theater space in Chicago, has been one of the main focal points of the city ever since. The Music Box's growth and continued popularity has allowed major restorations between the 70s and 80s, as well as the more recently added second screen, which was added in the early 1990s. But you will find no Transformers or Twilight movies here. The Music Box is foreign and independent film venue, which has played host to premiers for movies such as 'Where the Wild Things Are' and 'Romance and Cigarettes'. The Music Box features a style unique to itself, combining old Hollywood glamour with slight Italian touches. The entire ceiling is made to look like the night sky, enhancing the atmosphere with twinkling stars and moving clouds.

Music box lobby


Grauman's Chinese Theater, California - Since 1927, the enormous and beautifully carved wall that surrounds this cinema has served to protect Hollywood's biggest stars. One of the most sought-after theaters in California, this hugely popular theater has even seen a few riots in its time. Today, the theater has received some major upgrades, but continues to be one of the most popular theaters around. The uniqueness of its exterior is one of the features that makes this one special. Within the surrounding wall is a courtyard housing a beautifully sculpted 30-foot dragon carved from stone.

Photo of the Grauman at night


The Tampa Theater, Florida - This movie palace, is Tampa's only non-profit theater, which hosts a wide array of foreign and independent films. Built in 1926, The Tampa Theater is a stunning landmark, and a beautiful example of the architecture of the time. Since it was the first major business in Tampa to have air conditioning, it's no wonder that it was also the most popular theater for miles. And this cinema is not called the movie palace for nothing, the inside is stunning, circular rows of red seats appear as an ocean of fire, accenting the red curtains of the main stage.

The main stage


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