Confirmed: Daredevil Movie Rights Have Reverted to Marvel Studios

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Last fall, the clock was furiously clicking down on Fox's rights to Marvel's Daredevil character, as the studio needed to have a film in production to retain those rights. As it turns out, that didn't happen, and Daredevil has now reverted to Marvel Studios.

While doing press for "Iron Man 3," CEO Kevin Feige confirmed the news, flatly responding "yes" when asked if his company now has the rights to Daredevil. He most likely didn't elaborate beyond that because the studio has a fairly full slate, what with Phase Two completely mapped out and Phase Three already in the works (Ant-Man is confirmed, while Black Panther and Doctor Strange are heavily rumored to appear).

Is it possible that Daredevil could end up in a Marvel Studios film in some capacity in the near future? While anything seems possible, it also seems unlikely that the character will appear in his own solo film anytime soon. Instead, he may be confined to Easter Egg status-perhaps we'll hear mention of alter-ego Matt Murdock operating as a lawyer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or something of that nature.

As such, Daredevil fans may be left to ponder what could have been. After the lukewarm reception of the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck, the character has remained in limbo despite Fox's various attempts to reboot the character.

The first such attempt came a few years ago when the studio attached David Slade to a reboot that was to be scripted by Brad Caleb Kane. Instead, Slade ended up exiting the project, leaving Fox to start from the ground up.

Joe Carnahan came aboard with a last-ditch effort last fall when he pitched a gritty, 70s vigilante flick take on the property; however, he had issues with getting the film ready within Fox's timetable, so he passed on the project, and the rights lapsed shortly thereafter.

If nothing else, Carnahan did leave fans with a couple of sizzle reels, which may be the closest they come to seeing Daredevil return to the big screen for a while.

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