The Comedy Performances of Curtis Armstrong

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Curtis Armstrong never really went away, but his presence since around the 1990s does seem to have been less heavily sensed than his heyday during the 1980s. And then came a perfectly wonderful animated series seemingly written just for his own peculiar comedic talents. If you haven't gotten around to becoming a fan of "Dan Vs." on the Hub Network, do so while you still have the chance. And here is what the voice behind the funniest revenge-motivated character on TV was doing before he got revenge on weddings, baseball, New Mexico and even his best friend.

Risky Business

You may be surprised to learn that Curtis Armstrong's career goes almost as far back as that of Tom Cruise. "Risky Business" was the big breakout movie for Tom Cruise and it was the film that introduced the world to the rather shady character type that Armstrong would go on to make his own. Whether you call him seamy or smarmy or just plain perverted, "Risky Business" imprinted upon the consciousness of Hollywood executives the comedic foundation that would have to wait another few decades to reach full fruition in the role of Dan.

Revenge of the Nerds

You may not remember Curtis Armstrong from "Risky Business" but how can you forget him in "Revenge of the Nerds"? What was perverse in "Risky Business" became downright disgusting when Armstrong interpreted the role of Booger. But then again, you don't expect a guy named Booger to be the CEO of a company. Although, in retrospect, it would not be hard to imagine Curtis Armstrong playing Mitt Romney to perfection, would it?

Big Bully

Sometimes a minor character becomes the only reason to watch a movie. Such is the case when the movie is "Big Bully" and the minor character is played by Curtis Armstrong. Have you ever known a person who attributes any sign of misbehavior to drugs? Forget about the plot of "Big Bully" and just luxuriate in the familiarity of Armstrong's teacher Mr. Clark. Any time you ever hear someone attribute misbehavior to that person's being on the crack, you will recall Curtis Armstrong in "Big Bully."

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