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Not a big Barbra Streisand fan. If she didn't have a sense of humor she could be the Denzel Washington of the distaff side of acting. Okay, that's distinctly unfair to Babs. She's proven capable of straddling both the dramatic and the comedic side of the fence, can sing, direct and does have a memorable personality. Come to think of it, there is nothing at all that would make Barbra Streisand the female Denzel Washington. You know what? Forget I mentioned and let's get straight to the comedy performances of one of the few entertainers left who can truly be called a living legend.

What's Up, Doc?

My favorite Barbra Streisand comedy also happens to be the film that includes my favorite chase scene of all time. Those who found "Syriana" confusing are advised to stay away from "What's Up, Doc?" Director Peter Bogdanovich directed in an era in which filmmakers made movies for an audience raised on not having to have every little aspect of the story explained to them. "What's Up, Doc?" is not just the best screwball comedy made after the 1930s, it's one of the best screwball comedies ever. Those who entranced by Streisand at all times are unfathomable to me except when watching this movie. When I watch "What's Up, Doc?" I get it.

All Night Long

Just as I now realize just how small the minority is that surrounds me who consider the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy to be superior to the original trilogy, so I do suspect that I am in a teeny tiny, itsy bitsy minority when I argue that "All Night Long" contains Barbara Streisand's best performance ever. Gene Hackman should have won Best Actor and Streisand should have been nominated for "All Night Long." If you need any proof that most critics simply can't figure out a good movie when it hits them over the head, consider that Streisand was nominated for a Razzie and an amazing number of critics decried the miscasting of the honey-voiced singer in the role of a bad singer. These critics are likely the same ones who, on a college placement exam, would choose coincidence rather than incongruity as a synonym for irony. Just watch it!

Meet the Fockers

Okay, sure, one of the greatest comedic casts of the 21st century was not delivered a screenplay matching the depth of their collective talents, but doesn't make what Streisand, Hoffman and the rest do with "Meet the Fockers" even more impressive? This sequel is not the greatest movie ever made or even the greatest sequel ever made, but any young actor out there looking for a much cheaper alternative to acting school who wants to learn the secrets of great comic acting need only watch the scenes in this movie featuring Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand.

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