Colin Trevorrow Discusses 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

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Since Disney and Lucasfilm announced the production of "Star Wars: Episode VII," several directorial candidates have sworn off their participation for various reasons. One guy who hasn't shied away from the gig has been Colin Trevorrow, and the "Safety Not Guaranteed" director recently reaffirmed his desire to helm the upcoming sequel.

Last week, Trevorrow spoke from the position of an enthusiastic fan eager to return to the "Star Wars" universe, and he noted that whoever lands the job will have a daunting task ahead of them since the franchise has taken on mythological levels for so many people. As such, he believes that the eventual director will need to have a "fundamental understanding" of what makes "Star Wars" so special and meaningful to this audience.

And if you ask him, he just might be the man for the job. In an interview with Moviezine, he confirmed that he "would love to direct a Star Wars movie at some point." Calling the opportunity "incredible," he also insisted that he would not be "deterred" by the gig, even though he does understand the trepidation that many directors would have with taking on such an enormous task.

Reaffirming his status as a massive "Star Wars" fan, he also claimed that he "deeply understands" the level of care that would be required to direct "Episode VII." In fact, he called the job a "responsibility" and noted the high expectations that will especially accompany the sequel trilogy, a series of films that will be "iconic" since it will "finish a story that influenced pop culture for decades."

Interestingly enough, Trevorrow made some cryptic comments on a podcast over the summer regarding his next job. He did not reveal any specifics, but hinted that one of his future projects "will probably create a great deal of ire on the internet when people find out what it is." He went on to promise to fans of "the mythology" that he loves the property as much as they do and that his take hopefully will "not suck."

The comments are certainly interesting; while Trevorrow could have been referring to some other franchise, it seems like too much of a coincidence since his name has emerged in the "Episode VII" rumor mill. While he may be considered a long shot, this is a situation to monitor in the coming weeks and months.

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