Resolutions We'd Love To See From George Lucas, Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Etc

George Lucas  apparently has much atoning to do for his decision to sell LucasFilm to Disney. The Star Wars creator and film mogul comes in for a heavy tweaking in the list of 10 Celebrity New Year's Resolutions posted by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Funny or Die website. 

George Lucas Celebrity Resolutions

The resolution, one of 10 posted by A General Nonchalance, does not exactly suggest that hopes are running high for Disney's reboot of the Star Wars franchise.

Not all of the resolutions are movie-related. But those that do have a connection to film, however tenuous, are:

Celebrity Resolutions

That doesn't sound so much like a resolution as it does large-scale fantasy fulfillment for potential Baby Goose stalkers out there.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry's "credibility" and Meryl Streep's "modesty" are also in the crosshairs.

Celebrity Resolutions 2013

Celebrity Resolutions 2013

Funny stuff, but the post left me wanting more. So, I invite all you wicked wits out there who read Movieline to submit your own movie-related barbs in the comments section. For instance, I could see Russell Crowe resolving:

Celebrity Resolutions

"More time menacing public with phones. Less time assaulting them with my singing."

Your turn.

[Funny or Die]

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