'Breaking Bad': Hank's 5 Most Badass Moments (Poll)

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'Breaking Bad': Hank's 5 Most Badass Moments (Poll)

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'Breaking Bad': Hank's 5 Most Badass Moments (Poll)

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for those note caught up on Breaking Bad]

We will likely be saying goodbye to Hank (Dean Norris) during Sunday's episode of Breaking Bad. Things looked grim when we last saw him – pinned down behind a vehicle as a gang of Aryans rained hellfire on him and Gomez (Steven Michael Quezada).

Poor Hank. No one, save perhaps Jesse (Aaron Paul), has suffered so much because of Walt's involvement in the meth business. He's routinely been ahead of his law enforcement colleagues, but his good police work has earned him PTSD, near paralysis, and now (possibly) death.

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Below we look back at Hank's five greatest Breaking Bad moments -- from his sharpshooting to his good detective work. Vote for your favorite in THR's poll below, or let us know which Hank moment you like most in the comments.

5. Killing Tuco

In the season 2 episode "Grilled," Hank tracks Jesse's car to where Tuco (Raymond Cruz) has brought Walt and Jesse, and ends up killing Tuco in a shootout. This was a huge moment for Hank as a character. He went being being the overgrown jock brother-in-law of Walt by showing off his excellent investigative skills. Killing Tuco also lead Hank to struggle with symptoms of PTSD, adding mored complexity to Hank's character.

4. Discovering Gus Fring is the Meth Kingpin

With the exception of the most recent batch of episodes, season 4 provided Hank with his best material of the series. Bedridden and bitter, Hank is pulled out of his funk by investigating the Gale Boetticher (David Costabile) murder, and he is able to connect the dots between Los Pollos Hermanos and the distribution of blue meth.

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3. Punching Out Walter

Breaking Bad wasted no time kicking off its final eight episodes, and put the inevitable confrontation between Hank and Walt in the first episode of the year. Walt may get the best line of the scene ("tread lightly"), but not before Hank knocks him to the ground with a single blow.

2. Arresting Walt

With the help of Jesse, Hank becomes the only person to thoroughly outsmart Walt during the series. Hank does what he does best, and figures out how to make Walt think Jesse has his hands on Heisenberg's money. We'd rate this the second-most brilliant gambit in the entire series, only behind Walt's elaborate plan to murder of Gus Fring.

1. Taking out the Cousins

Hank is able to take single handedly take out the Cousins, two of the most threatening characters in the show's history. This is made even more impressive because Hank does it unarmed, and after being nearly killed in the process.

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