Antoine Fuqua Says Time Has Run Out on '24' Film

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It's been almost three years since Jack Bauer made a not-so-clean getaway during the last season of "24," and it was implied that we hadn't seen the last of him since a feature film would eventually bring the rogue CTU agent to the big screen. However, it looks like that might not happen after all, as director Antoine Fuqua has indicated that the project is currently dead.

During a recent interview with Indiewire, the "Training Day" director revealed that he doesn't think "the film will happen at all," and it "definitely won't happen" with him attached. He went on to say that he did once meet with star Kiefer Sutherland and that Fox wanted to move ahead with the project, but both scheduling and budgetary concerns prevented it from happening.

Part of those concerns may have involved contractual squabbles between the star and studio, as Fuqua hinted that Fox may have made a "meager offer" to Sutherland, and the actor wasn't "able to get a proper agreement." As such, Fuqua decided to go off and pursue other projects. Coincidentally, his most recent film, "Olympus Has Fallen," essentially cribs a subplot from the 7th season of "24," which saw terrorists siege the White House.

Fuqua was one of a few names attached to the "24" feature film, which was rumored to be in the works all the way back when the show was still going strong. Due to the show's complex budget and schedule, a feature film was eventually envisioned as something that would follow the final season, and Fox certainly seemed to stick to that plan back in 2010 by leaving the door wide open for a follow-up.

Since then, the "24" film has existed only as rumors and innuendo; at one point, Fox was considering having Bauer team up with John McClane in "Die Hard 24/7," but that (perhaps unfortunately) never materialized.

Instead, it looks like the "24" franchise could be following in the footsteps of another Fox property, "The X-Files," which left television on a similarly uncertain note. In that case, everyone finally got their act together to deliver "X-Files: I Want to Believe," but it was too little, too late for most audiences since the show had been off the air for six years.

If nothing else, the "24" film will likely stay alive as long as Sutherland is interested in it; he's been a driving force behind the project, and I wouldn't consider Jack Bauer to be completely dead until Sutherland himself buries him.

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