Anthony Hopkins Looks Nothing like `Hitchcock' on Movie Poster; Is This `Nixon' All Over Again?

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Anthony Hopkins graces the cover of the poster for "Hitchcock" and looks about as much like the Master of Suspense as, well, as he did Richard Nixon. What is the deal with directors hiring Anthony Hopkins to play real life people whom he can not even come close to resembling despite all the magic on hand in the studio makeup departments?

Not to take anything away from the acting ability of Anthony Hopkins. I mean, you know, just because he does not look like Alfred Hitchcock does not mean that he will not be able to pull off the job of acting like Alfred Hitchcock.


Except that the last time that Anthony Hopkins was cast in the role of a real life person whom he looked absolutely nothing like despite the best efforts of Hollywood's top makeup specialists, he turned in a performance that was equidistant from the reality relative to the same distance from reality as his appearance. What I mean by that mouthful of verbiage is that not only did Anthony Hopkins look absolutely nothing like Richard Nixon, but his performance in Oliver Stone's "Nixon" was less believable than the worst impressionist.

As means of comparison, watch "Frost/Nixon" and you will see what a great performance of a living character by actor who actually bears a physical resemblance to that character looks like. The horrific site of a great actor like Anthony Hopkins-and I am not denying that Hopkins is capable of delivering terrific performances-doing work far beneath the specter of quality like he does in "Nixon" can only send shivers down the spine of anyone who looks at the poster for "Hitchcock" and realizes that Anthony Hopkins looks as much like Alfred Hitchcock as he did Richard Nixon.

Let us hope that lightning does not strike twice. Moviegoers deserve better than that. For that matter, so does Alfred Hitchcock.

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