'Adventures of Tintin' Sequel Will See Peter Jackson at the Helm

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Image from "The Adventures of Tintin."

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Image from "The Adventures of Tintin."

The $348 million worldwide gross of "The Adventures of Tintin" has more than guaranteed we will get a sequel to the film. When it won a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film, that just further proved to studios everyone adored it. All moviegoers were waiting for was the official word from producers of the film, and it has been given through Steven Spielberg and producer Kathleen Kennedy.

Spielberg announced that the follow-up to "The Adventures of Tintin" will be directed by Peter Jackson. It will be based on two and a half new stories and part of "The Secret of the Unicorn." Jackson will begin work on it later this year after he's finished up filming for "The Hobbit." He will be working on performance capture before the end of 2012.

"I'm not going to say which stories have been chosen for Peter Jackson's sequel because Peter and I agreed that we weren't going to let that information out yet," Spielberg told Collider. "The script is now being written."

Kennedy expanded on when we can expect to see the sequel in another interview with Collider.

"We'll see a script probably [in] February or March," she said. "If we can do some [motion] camera capture this summer, which I think we could do, then we would be on track to have the movie [in theaters] either Christmas 2014 or Summer 2015. That's what we're looking at right now."

Although "The Adventures of Tintin" was a much bigger box office success outside of the United States, it still brought in around $69 million domestically. That demonstrated Americans loved the boy reporter's adventures just like the French do. If the second film is a success, can we expect the character to possibly get his own franchise? Spielberg certainly hopes so and knows what he wants to do in the third film.

"I'm hoping I'll be able to direct the third one," the filmmaker said. "I'd love to do the third one because I had so much fun on the first one."

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