'Shrek' vs. 'The Dark Knight': Vote for the Greatest Summer Movie Ever

Will it be the ogre or the bat that flies through Round 2 of the Summer Showdown?

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Summertime means summer movies, and this year could be one of the biggest season's ever. But which blockbuster of the past is truly the best? We've pitted 32 of the most successful and beloved summer movies against each other. And now you get to decide which is your favorite. After four rounds of voting, only one movie will be left standing. Which title will be declared the greatest summer movie of all time?


The big green ogre beat out the big-eared accused murderer of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" as "Shrek" proved that a mix of live-action and animation can't quite beat ... uh, just animation by itself. Now, "Shrek" will embark on his most perilous quest to date as he takes on one of the grandmasters of summer movie-dom: Christopher Nolan's bar-raising, game-changing "The Dark Knight."

The Dark Knight

It appears everyone prefers the new Bat to the old Bat as "The Dark Knight" easily surpassed Tim Burton's "Batman" for the title of Caped Crusader of Choice. Now we'll see if Christian Bale's masked vigilante has any counter-measures against the mighty odor-creating powers of "Shrek."
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