The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(2013)- User Reviews

  • star44

    I was pretty pleased with the first installment of this series, but even more so with Catching Fire.

    In this installment, we get a little more insight into the true evil of the people running the Capitol, and the lengths they will go to to crush any …more»
  • star33

    This sequel was pretty much what I expected. Very, very somber and depressing. However, that just means that the filmmakers are being faithful to the source material. Katniss Everdeen's story just gets more and more desperate and dark.
    Among the …more»
  • star55

    Didn't read the books until after I saw the first movie and loved both. My 11 year old daughter did the same. We both loved this movie. Where the book was a little slow the movie swept us along. The new characters were fantastic and the production …more»
  • star44

    I saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Part One today, and it was awesome.

    Even though I saw the first Hunger Games, I should had seen it again because, at first, I was a little lost for the first part of the film because they talked about events that …more»
  • star22

    The first hour I felt like taking a nap. Just when I thought it was going to be good, the battle didn't even come close to the first movie, so I was thinking maybe a good ending but they left you hanging for part three. At the end of the movie, individuals …more»
  • star55

    Enjoyed the first Hunger Games, but Catching Fire was even better! LOVED IT! Story had more meat than the first one, and they got right into it. Movie never stalled - moved right along and was true to the book. Of course you can't hit EVERYTHING …more»
  • star55

    omg this movie was soooo amazing!!!!!! if you haven't seen this movie yet, seriously stop what you are doing and go see it!!! the only bad part was when it ended!!! i cannot wait to go see mocking-jay!!!! it was the best movie this year!!!! if you …more»


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