The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(2013)- User Reviews

  • star55

    Catching Fire lived up to my expectations. I loved the books and even read them twice, however almost a year ago. I was happy with the first movie and felt the 2nd did an even better job. Some that did not read the books might feel that the movie leaves …more»
  • star33

    The movie was garbage not nearly as good as the 1st, drawn out to much to set up 3rd film, but they put 4 showings an hour in each theatre to boost those numbers. I went to the movies and there were 5 theatres in a 16 theatre building showing the movie …more»
  • star44

    I thought the movie was a wonderful depiction of the book. It managed to capture the subjugation of the districts as seen through the lens of the "Victory Tour" as well as the powerlessness felt by the main characters being forced to play …more»
  • star33

    My ratings:
    Special Effects: A+, as good as anything Hollywood does. Worth the price of admission.
    Direction: D. The guy is not organized or able to mult-task.
    Casting: F These people are good actors but they don't look like people who struggle to …more»
  • star33

    Gee nothing like setting up the next movie charging your family 50 bucks to see it. It had really good effects and the story line was what you would expect...I hope the next one gives me more...Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing actress. I hope they retire …more»
  • star11

    A couple points to make. The news media showed how powerful they are. The movie is ridiculous and somehow they have created a new sense of normal. I wanted to leave quickly but I was with friends. My second point is that I now realize I'm really to …more»
  • star55

    I can't stop thinking about this movie, its so awesome on so many levels. The costumes are so much better. Look at the Peacekeeper uniforms in the first, and look at them now. Old ones were ugly, white uniforms. Now they're futuristic, sleek, …more»


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