The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(2013)- User Reviews

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    The first film had us on the edge of our seats. We didn't know what to expect and didn't know what would happen next. This installment left out a great deal of the action. It could've been soooooo much better! It also didn't seem to have …more»
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    I had never heard of Hunger Games or the books.

    I saw Hunger Games well after the fact. I was bored and said...well...$400M at the box office gotta say something. It was an entertaining movie. Knowing nothing about it was even cooler.

    So I definitely …more»
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    The film from where I sat is entertaining and well executed. The performances are strong although I don't think I learned much as the film is just more of the same of the original. The special effects graphics were excellent as is the soundtrack …more»
  • star11

    Very little happens in this episode. When something does happen, it's just a setup for the next episode. I like the story but there's nothing here. Almost any one-hour TV drama has more content. This was so lame I won't even watch the …more»
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    I read the books a while ago, and i have to say that the director for this movie did a pretty good at including the important moments in the book. In "The Hunger Games" there were important details that were missed and could have made the movie …more»
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    wow this was worse than the 2nd matrix movie but the wife wanted to see it and we had free tickets. we saw THOR last week and it was a much better movie. the movie was broken into many parts. just too fake. not bad acting. guess we are all suppose to …more»
  • star22

    I saw this movie the second day it came out, I was totally disappointed. to much advertising saying it was going to be a great movie , but it fell short and ended to quickly just when the movie waqs getting interesting.the cast was great, the story ok …more»
  • star44

    If you liked the "Hunger Games," you will love "Catching Fire." The movie closely follows the book in action, narrative, and drama. I actually experienced the same emotions while watching this film as I did when I read the books. …more»
  • star55

    Much better then what I thought. The minutes flew as I was hooked into the story and the interaction of the characters. It also had a perfect setup to the next movie, Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …more»


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