Ender's Game(2013)- User Reviews

They Tried ...


They tried here. The movie was no better than I expected, and I didn't expect lot. The critic reviews were quite clear on the pros and cons, so no surprises.

- The acting was a bit plastic. Actually, with greater than half the actors, more than just a bit.

- They just crammed as many scenes from the book in as they could. To do that, they cut out almost all silence from the movie, the 'negative space' as some call it.. This made for a disjointed feeling, like a cut and paste job.

- The actors were having such a difficult time trying to portray the characters' feelings that maybe the above wasn't as bad a thing as it sounds :\

- A few if the actors were good, but a lot of them, including the Ender actor, sounded like they were reading their lines from a script. Harrison Ford was painful to watch. Given the book's complexities, the kid playing Ender had a difficult role. They all tried, but I give them a thumbs down.

- The music score was nothing special.

- The effects were Ok. They did a pretty good job, but special effects don't make a movie.

- They had a tough job trying to show the inner conflicts and moral issues from the book. They did not rise to the task.. The screenplay was poor.