Ender's Game(2013)- User Reviews

Orson Scott Card should never have allowed this abomination


Orson Scott Card has stated many times that the reason why Ender’s Game wasn’t made into a movie is because the “Movie People” would cast children of the wrong age and size. (And add romance) Well he must have gotten tired of waiting and gave up. This movie is such a disappointment. The main themes of the books are not in the movie and the most endearing moments are lost. The movie drags terribly in the second half in the same places where the book shines. The leads Asa Butterfield and Aramis Knight are way too old and to tall/large to play their respective roles. What made the book so great wasn’t just bullying they endured and overcame; it was that Ender (and Bean) were so small none of their classmates would follow them even though they were the brightest leaders, giving Earth its best chance for a victory over the Buggers. It was that they were great human beings who wanted to be accepted and loved. Ender’s Game is just a 2 star movie at best, a movie with great special effects, but no heart. A big disappointment when it could have been a SF classic! If you haven’t already, read Ender’s Game, then Ender’s Shadow and you’ll be hooked for the whole series. It’s a fantastic modern classic!