Ender's Game(2013)- User Reviews

Don't read the book


If there is any chance of liking this movie, don't read the book. I understand that there is limited time to cover all that there was in the book but every time an event happens I want it to be like the book. As I watched I loved the visuals but the story was a bit disappointed. Peter, Valentine, Bonzo, Petra, Bean, and Bernard, I feel, had a great influence on Ender in the book. In this, it seemed as though they were not represented well. Bonzo was a small guy and ender towered over him. Aside from Bean, Ender was supposed to be small due to his age. One other area that I wished they covered was the training group he started and how he worked with everyone nice. I heard that Card was going for a buddy movie and that's fine, but I went to see Ender's game. Give this movie a shot, you may enjoy this more than I did.