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  • Critic’s Pick: ‘Ain’t Them Bodies Saints’

    thelmaadams at The Reel Breakdown8 mths ago

    Like a bastard love child of Terrence Malick and Robert Altman, David Lowery’s crime drama shuffles to its own drummer. Either you dance to it or you can skip away, but the latter would be a mistake in an era of cookie cutter genre pics.

    The story could easily be framed in a Country ballad or a Bruce Springsteen song: Ruth (Rooney Mara) and Bob (Casey Affleck) have known each other since their youth, and loved each other for nearly ever. When their armed robbery gets messy, Bob takes the rap, goes to prison and misses their first child's birth. Now he’ll do anything to reunite – even break out of prison – but there’s a soft-spoken sheriff, Patrick (Ben Foster), sitting lovelorn at Ruth’s front door to keep that from happening.

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  • 7 Reasons to Be Excited that Ellen Degeneres Is Hosting the Oscars

    Richard Rushfield at The Reel Breakdown8 mths ago

    1. She actually knows how to host a show and she's had plenty of practice.

    2. She won’t insult the talent – no awkward nasty moments bullying child actors.

    3. She will lighten the mood.

    4. She’s a woman who likes women – she’s out and proud and why not celebrate that in this year of legalizing same-sex marriages.

    5. She’ll keep her hair and make-up costs low with sponsor tie-ins.

    6. She’s not Seth MacFarlane – something that probably makes MacFarlane even happier than Ellen.

    7. After last year, she doesn’t have to worry about being called the “worst Oscar host” ever.

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