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Trekkie Alert! Bing Adds Klingon Translator Tool

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Or, rather, "ghuH trekkie! tlhIngan Hol mughwI' tool chel bing."

That's the headline of this post translated into Klingon. Awesome, right?

You too can translate anything you want into Klingon, thanks to the Klingon translator recently installed by Bing in honor of the release of "Star Trek Into Darkness" (oh yeah, spoiler alert ... there are Klingons in the movie). Words and phrases can be rendered into Latin letters or in the Klingons' own alphabet, otherwise known as the Klingon Language Institute's pIqaD.

Yeah, you're now not going to get any work done today, are you? Thank you, PopWatch, for the scoop.

And, actually, what took you so long, Bing? The Klingons have existed long before J.J. Abrams took the Captain's chair on the "Star Trek" franchise, and their distinct language has been part of the pop culture consciousness for decades. Parts of the Bible and the works of Shakespeare have been translated into Klingon, the latter of which was humorously meta-referenced in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" (1991) when Chancellor Gorkon (David Warner) says, "You haven't heard Shakespeare until you've heard it in the original Klingon."

The Klingons became a part of all the "Star Trek Into Darkness" hype in late April upon the release of a new clip featuring Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) outmaneuvering what many fans had identified as a Klingon vessel. This was followed a couple of weeks ago by a new "Distortion" video, which featured the official first look at the Klingons themselves as they exist in Abrams' "Trek" universe, sporting bladed weapons and pierced head ridges.

And now you can be a Klingon, too! Or at least talk and write like one. Indulge your warlike alien side with the greatest translation tool to ever hit the web -- and check the Bing homepage tomorrow for even more "Star Trek"-related delights, including interactive images and videos.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" opens May 17. Or, rather, "poS Hov trek vaj DartlhneSS chaq 17."

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