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'The Bling Ring' Broke Into Paris Hilton's House ... Again!

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Paris Hilton's house is seen here in 'The Bling Ring' (Photo: A24/Inset: Getty Images)

Have you ever wanted to take a look inside Paris Hilton's mansion? All you have to do is watch "The Bling Ring," debuting today at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The 32-year-old hotel heiress is now speaking out about being the victim of the so-called Bling Ring burglaries that took place four years ago in her Hollywood Hills home – a home wherein she allowed Sofia Coppola to film a movie about the events.

Hilton let Coppola shoot several scenes inside her unique home. "Sofia came to my birthday party last year," Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter. "She loved my house and said it couldn't be re-created in a set."

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Paris Hilton's real shoe closet is seen here in a scene in 'The Bling Ring' (Photo: Screengrab/A24)

Maybe that's because Hilton's design aesthetic is truly matchless and can only be compared to that of fictional character Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." Hilton's mansion has pictures and likenesses of her virtually everywhere on the property. There is also a whole lot of pink décor.

Judging from images of Hilton's swank pad, her walk-in shoe closet and other massive closets are beyond compare. Her place houses so much high-end stuff, Hilton reportedly didn't realize her belongings were missing until one of the Bling Ring burglars stole about $2 million-worth of her jewelry.

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Scenes in 'The Bling Ring,' seen here, were shot inside Paris Hilton's real home (Screengrab/A24)

Hilton's house was broken into at least five times by a group of young people – mostly privileged teens – in the late 2000s. Other celebrity victims of the so-called "Bling Ring" burglaries include Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, and Audrina Patridge. The case created widespread media coverage and involved the theft of roughly $3 million in cash and property.

When it came to filming in her home, Hilton indicated she wouldn't have trusted any other director, according to THR. "I really admire her, an intelligent independent woman who's a director. Sofia knows everything about these kids now -- stuff I didn't know," Hilton acknowledged. She also told the Sun it was important for her to retell the story: "I wanted to help the filmmakers get across just how serious this crime is and how frightening and hurtful it is for the victims."

Hilton has kept quiet about it all – until now. She has expressed that the experience felt like a violation and says watching the crimes played out on the big screen has given her the strength to finally talk about it.

She also spoke of a traumatizing – though unrelated – home invasion that happened around the same time as the Bling Ring burglaries, when a crazed man tried to break into her mansion. "It was terrifying. I had never experienced anything like that before and it really shook the foundations of my world," she told the Sun in her first interview to date about the incident.

Hilton credited her then-boyfriend, Cy Waits, with saving her life. “He got his gun, went outside and put it to the man’s head. Cy forced him to the ground and held him there until the police arrived," she told the Sun.

After that ordeal, the Bling Ring burglaries, and yet another home invasion by a stalker, Hilton had enough and decided to withdraw from the public eye "before anything worse happened."

She says she is no longer interested in reality television and is instead focusing on building her business: "I’m growing my empire around the world."

Check out the trailer for 'The Bling Ring':

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