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Miley Cyrus Debuts Belly-Baring Dress

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Miley Cyrus came out to support her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, at "The Hunger Games" world premiere in Los Angeles. The singer arrived in a two-piece red carpet outfit. Recent belly-baring dresses worn by  Rooney Mara and Gwyneth Paltrow  prompted comparisons to "I Dream of Jeannie," so it's no surprise critics are already weighing in on Miley's unconventional choice.

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E! Online labeled the Pucci dress "skimpy" and she was called out on Twitter for wearing a glittery bustier and "gypsy skirt."  Others, however, praised her unconventional choice and said she "makes it work."

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Photo by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Photo by Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Miley added an unusual touch when it came to jewelry, as well, and wore a bracelet chained to a ring. She completed the look with a very specific shoe choice. "His mom made me wear stilts," Miley explained, saying Liam's mom steered her toward sky-high Christian Louboutin heels. "I'm like five feet, so I need my 'Liam shoes.'"

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The couple, who have a foot of height between them, walked the black carpet together and appeared closer than ever. Miley even offered Liam advice after spending years in the spotlight, saying she emphasizes staying close to the people who love you for who you truly are.

Miley went on to say the two try to keep the fame out of their relationship, and explained that this will be the first time she's seeing Liam onscreen as Gale Hawthorne. The 19-year-old added that she was happy to be there to support him for this particular movie, because she knows her boyfriend is very excited about this role. And for the premiere, Miley had a much simpler role in mind:  "I just have to be arm candy tonight."

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