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Lindsay Lohan's 'The Parent Trap' Turns 15: An Anniversary Worth Remembering

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Lindsay Lohan in 'The Parent Trap' (Photo: Walt Disney Pictures)

Upon leaving rehab Lindsay Lohan will probably, hopefully, want to move forward. But here's at least one thing worth looking back at: "The Parent Trap."

The 1998 family movie, a remake of the Disney classic-slash-divorced-kid-fantasy, was released 15 years ago this week.

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Lohan was 12. She was stepping into a dual role (as separated-at-birth identical twins) made famous by Hayley Mills. After years as a working actress, she was making her feature-film debut.

And she was great.

Entertainment Weekly praised her "natural, pleasurable 1990s hipness." Roger Ebert called out her "sunny charm." Audiences and Disney, for whom she would primarily work for a time, made her a star.

And then, as they say, things happened.

Would things have happened the same if Lohan hadn't become a star, if she hadn't beaten out more than 1,000 hopefuls to play Hallie and Annie, if she hadn't made "The Parent Trap"?

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Lohan will never know. We'll never know. (Lohan's costar, the late Natasha Richardson, took what sounded an educated guess when she told the Hollywood Reporter back in the day, "I wouldn't let my children act in this business for any money in the world, because it's not a normal healthy environment, and even in the best circumstances I think it spoils them rotten. I hope Lindsay can go back to school and be a normal little girl after this.")

Only two things are for sure: "The Parent Trap" is the comfort food of movies — and Lohan's great in it.

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