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Katee Sackhoff Comes Clean About Seeking Parental Guidance for ‘Riddick’ Shower Scene

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Katee Sackhoff in Universal Pictures' 'Riddick'.

What would you do if the director of a major motion picture asked you to bare your breasts for the camera?

If you said, "Ask Dad for permission," then come on down!

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While most 33-year-old actresses probably wouldn't feel the need to call home prior to showing off the goods, that's exactly what Katee Sackhoff did before agreeing to go topless for "Riddick," the latest flick in Vin Diesel's futuristic antihero franchise.

"I did. I asked permission," Sackhoff told us in the Insider Access interview below. "I would hate for my father to regret all his support that he's given me over the years, and be embarrassed by anything I chose to do. So I definitely asked permission."

In the film, Sackhoff – who is best known for reinventing the role of Starbuck in Syfy channel's "Battlestar Galactica" – plays Dahl, the only female member of a crew of intergalactic bounty hunters dead set on capturing the elusive and dangerous criminal Riddick (Diesel).

Though there doesn't seem to be any real reason for it that we can recall, Dahl takes a shower in the middle of the hunt. And how the heck is Dahl supposed to get clean if she's not naked in the shower?

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When we asked Sackhoff how she felt about the shower scene, the actress had this to say: "I was pleasantly surprised and happy that not only was it not gratuitous, but that you almost don't even notice it because of the levity of what just happened."

Sure, Katee, we didn't notice a thing.

So just what did Daddy Dearest say to such a gratuitous request? "He said, 'Just tell me when to close my eyes.' And that he was very proud of me."

And we're proud of you, Mr. Sackhoff.

If you want to get a gander at Sackoff with her shirt off (as well as some interstellar action and adventure), "Riddick" is now playing in theaters nationwide.

See Katee Sackhoff and Vin Diesel in the "Riddick" theatrical trailer:

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