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You’re Fired! Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn Describe Their … Worst. Jobs. Ever.

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Owen Wilson (L) & Vince Vaughn at 20th Century Fox's 'The Internship' premiere. Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Im …

Everyone's had that horrible job in his or her lifetime, and most people have been fired at least once.

But when you're Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn – co-stars of the upcoming big screen comedy "The Internship" – getting fired is most definitely going to involve a comedy of errors.

In "The Internship," the two real-life friends play adults who take on gigs as interns at Google, a situation in which, of course, hilarity ensues.

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So, where better to catch up with them then at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California? It's exactly where "omg! Insider's" Christina McLarty headed to get the lowdown on what source material they drew upon for their roles.

"Keeping with the theme of the movie, how many jobs have you guys been let go from?" McLarty asked.

"I was fired as a pool cleaner and a waiter," Wilson said, giving both Vaughn and McLarty a chance to tease him a bit.

"Was the pool cleaner job more about inappropriate romances?" Vaughn asked.

"Were you like (Agador) Spartacus from 'The Birdcage?' McLarty wanted to know.

"I wish it was that," the blond-locked actor replied. "Well, Texas is so hot in the summer and I had sort of an unorthodox style of cleaning where I would get into the pool, and I think that was alarming to some of the homeowners to look out and see their pool man swimming," Wilson admitted.

"They thought I was just doing the backstroke but I was actually getting in there and getting in between those tiles," he then justified.

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But Wilson wasn’t alone in being let go from a gig.

"I wasn't let go of acting jobs as much as I didn't get some (because) I was younger," Vaughn began. "But, I was fired, I was a lifeguard at the YMCA and I was late too many times. … I learned a hard lesson. Busted lock 9-5."

"The Internship" hits theaters this Friday, June 7.

See Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in an extended clip from "The Internship":

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