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Finnick Odair casting choices: Who should play the next ‘Hunger Games’ hunk?

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Since everyone's appetite for "The Hunger Games" is still quite voracious, we thought it'd be a fun exercise to dream a little dream about a dreamy new character that will be joining the cast for the sequel, "Catching Fire."

If you've read the second book in Suzanne Collins' wildly successful trilogy, you know Finnick Odair is a living, breathing Adonis with a perfect tan, Herculean physique, and hypnotizing sea-green eyes. He's tailor-made for Hollywood casting conjecture.

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As a 14-year-old, Finnick craftily used a  trident and net to win the 65th Hunger Games. "Catching Fire" takes place 10 years after his victory, allowing Finnick time to perfectly fill out.

We created a little poll below with some dream choices to play Finnick, please feel free to choose your favorite. But half the fun of dreaming is the infinite possibility it presents. So if you have some better ideas, dare to dream along with us and comment away.

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