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Exclusive Trailer: ‘Violet & Daisy’ Spins Tale of Young Adult Assassins

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It's "Mean Girls" meets "The Professional" (or "Leon," depending on where you live) as two teenage lady killers wreck havoc in "Violet & Daisy," the new thriller from writer-director Geoffrey Fletcher ("Precious").

Actually, there's a little bit of "Hanna" in there, too, as one of the guns-for-hire happens to be Saoirse Ronan, the star of director Joe Wright's tale of another underage assassin. And like "Hanna," "Violet & Daisy" takes some unexpected turns as its strange and violent tale unfolds.

The trailer for the film opens with the rather striking image of Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, in the crosshairs of a deadly weapon. The person pointing the gun at everyone's favorite New Jersey mobster is Violet (Alexis Bledel), an apparent graduate of the John Woo School of Shooting as she's soon seen double-fisting her firearms (albeit not as gracefully as veteran gunslingers like, say, Chow Yun-Fat).

From there, we meet Violet's partner in killin', Daisy (Ronan), who's celebrating her 18th birthday and can therefore, as Violet rather proudly points out, be tried as an adult for any and all felonies she may commit. Now officially old enough to know better, the girls accept an assignment from their handler (Danny Trejo, no less), which puts them on the path to Gandolfini.

And it's here where the trailer takes a sharp left turn from being edgy n' cool and into much weirder and more melancholy territory. Something about the girls' latest target throws them completely for a loop and puts them on an odd journey through New York City that looks like it may recall surrealist dark comedies like "After Hours," "Into the Night" and, more recently, both "Hangover" movies. And, like those films, probably the only thing you'll be able to predict about where "Violet & Daisy" is going is that it will be somewhere ... unpredictable.

It's nice to see the sorely underutilized Bledel getting a lead role, though one has to wonder whether Ronan at this point is set on playing as many weirdo parts as possible. After portraying a super-trained assassin in "Hanna," a wandering ghost in "The Lovely Bones," a half-alien (or something) in "The Host," a vampire in the upcoming "Byzantium" and now another assassin in "Violet & Daisy," we wouldn't mind next seeing her taking on the challenges of playing ... you know, a young woman who goes to school and runs track and dates boys n' stuff.

Hey, it's a living -- even though the same can't be said for these ladies' targets. "Violet & Daisy" will hit theaters this June.

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