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'Ender's Game' Fans Glad to Be Watching Guilt-Free

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'Ender's Game,' the movie, not the book.

'Ender's Game,' the movie, not the book. There's a key difference. (Photo: Summit Entertainment)

News that author Orson Scott Card, who has been public about his anti-gay views, won't be financially benefiting from any success of "Ender's Game" is making some moviegoers feel better about paying for a ticket to see the sci-fi adventure film starring Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield:

Yes, you can actually see the film guilt-free, as Card himself won't see a dime from the film's ticket sales, according to The Wrap.

Card's anti-gay views have sparked several organized boycotts of "Ender's Game" by various organizations, most notably Geeks OUT, which has collected more than 11,000 pledges to boycott the movie on and put together "Skip 'Ender's Game'" events in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco and Seattle.

The online petition reads, in part: "Pledge to skip 'Ender's Game' and ensure that your entertainment dollars don't support homophobia."

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Those 11,000 people who have pledged to boycott the film will be happy to know that nobody's entertainment dollars will be supporting his views, as Orson Scott Card's fee has already been paid by a decade-old deal that includes no backend — something that today would be unheard of as YA authors such as J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins make deals that ensure major profit participation.

Card's apparent loss is making some concerned citizens breathe a sigh of relief:

It's true that Orson Scott Card does have a producer credit on the film — the appearance of his name actually inspired booing from the audience at an All Media screening in New York City. But that appears to be a formality at best, as The Wrap confirms that Card had zero say or creative input on the project — and, again, won't be receiving any sort of percentage of the film's box office tally, which is off to an impressive start with $1.4 million from Thursday night screenings.

And that fact alone changed one moviegoers's mind about buying a ticket to "Ender's."

Another simply voiced approval.

But some are saying you should still boycott the film for other reasons ...

It ends up that the real way to boycott Orson Scott Card is to not buy the "Ender's Game" book. Not surprisingly, the hype of the film's release has resulted in a spike in sales for the novel first published in 1985, putting it currently at the top of the New York Times' Best Seller List for Paperback Mass Market Fiction.

"Ender's Game" opened in theaters today, with Variety predicting an opening weekend box office take of $27 million.

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