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Comic-Con 2012: Schwarzenegger and Stallone trade barbs at Comic-Con

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When former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger showed up on the set of "The Expendables 2" after an eight-year film hiatus, his coworkers naturally gave him a tough time.

"They all treated me like, 'We know you've been out of the game for eight years, let us show you how to load a gun,'" he said during Thursday's Comic Con panel for "The Expendables 2."

Schwarzenegger and co-star Sylvester Stallone engaged in similar playful banter as they discussed the sequel with fans.

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When one attendee asked Stallone to name his favorite Schwarzenegger film, he teased: "'Junior.' And his favorite of mine was 'Stop, Or My Mom Will Shoot.'"

"Sly has killed 288 people. I've killed 289," Schwarzenegger later deadpanned. "We've always been really competitive. Who had the most muscles? Who had the most oil on their muscles?"

Stallone noted that the pair first met at the Golden Globes in 1977 and were determined to outshine each other.

"What no one knows is that when I came to America, Sly was my language instructor," Schwarzenegger said.

The two legendary action men also made a few jokes at their own expense.

When one fan asked Stallone if the Expendables title came from a reference in "Rambo: First Blood Part 2," Stallone demurred.

"Yeah, I ripped myself off. It was either that or 'The Dependables,'" he said.

Added Schwarzenegger, "I say it's great to be back in acting after eight years. But some of the critics say I was never in it to begin with."

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