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  • 2014 Oscar Predictions: Our Picks in Every Category

    Thelma Adams at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    Bookmark this page and come back often as Yahoo Movies experts Thelma Adams and Kevin Polowy update their Oscar predictions throughout awards season. Here's Round 1:

    It's time for the rubber to meet the road. As movies that were hot out of the gates at the early prestige festivals — Toronto and Telluride — start to meet the marketplace, some rise and some fall. Is the box office behemoth "Gravity" supplanting critical darling "12 Years a Slave?" It's hard to imagine two films more different — a period ensemble drama and a sci-fi two-hander — so there could be a lot of room for maneuvering between those two poles.

    Will the fickle Academy remain high on "12 Years" and "Gravity?" Or be tempted by new high profile entries? We'll see. Early frontrunners in BOLD.


    Early Predictions:

    Other Contenders:


    Early Predictions:

    Other Contenders:

    Watch Cuarón discuss the making of "Gravity":



  • 'Prisoners' Q&A: Hugh Jackman on the Wolverine-esque Berzerker Rage of Vigilante Dad Kelly Dover

    thelmaadams at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    Want to get on Hugh Jackman’s good side? Appreciate that while the 45-year-old Australian's role as a desperate father who brutalizes his missing daughter’s alleged kidnapper (Paul Dano) in "Prisoners" is getting a lot of awards buzz, it's not that much of a departure from his popular superhero, Wolverine.

    "A lot of people said I didn’t play a character like Keller Dover before but I think I did a similar role," Jackman, who described himself as even-tempered, even boring on the phone, explained to Yahoo Movies when we mentioned that we thought his portrayal of Wolverine was also intensely dramatic. "Director James Mangold was so on me every day with 'The Wolverine.' It was so interior. It’s easier to be flashier or quick, but Wolverine is masking a lot of hidden pain. Thanks for noticing. A lot of people don’t. A lot of characters I play are very different from me."

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  • Call the Fashion Police: Tom Hardy Has Been Wearing Elton John’s Clothes

    Elizabeth Durand Streisand at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    Tom Hardy is taking Method acting to a whole new level — and by "whole new level" we mean raiding Elton John's closet.

    The 36-year-old "Dark Knight Rises" and "Inception" star will play as the music icon in the upcoming biopic, "Rocketman," and as part of his preparation, he's been wearing the singer's actual clothes. He even asked to borrow Elton's watch.

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    Director Michael Gracey will be working off a script penned by "Billy Elliot" scribe, Lee Hall, and shooting is slated to begin next fall. In the meantime, details remain sparse, but the powers-that-be behind the project are starting to get pretty fired up.

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    As for what other getups we very possible could see Hardy sporting — in the movie, but also just on the street — take a look:

  • Ben Affleck Steps Into His 'Mind-Bending' Batsuit

    Meriah Doty at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    If you thought Ben Affleck might wriggle out of his Batman role, think again.

    Internet backlash or no, Affleck is all in — in more ways than one — as he has stepped inside his new batsuit for the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" movie.

    One hardcore comic book fan has born witness: writer-director-megageek Kevin Smith.

    "I saw the Batman costume," Smith divulged on his own Babble On podcast, explaining that he saw a picture of Affleck in his costume for the upcoming batflick. "I don't want to give anything away 'cause that is up to them and stuff, but I am going to say this: I instantly bear hugged [director Zack Snyder]."

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    "You have not seen this costume on film before," he put forth. "For a comic book fan, it was mind-bending, because every other movie does this Matrix -y black armor thing ... There wasn't a single nipple on this suit."

  • Female Flash Mobbers Moan for Their Supper, Meg Ryan-Style

    Meriah Doty at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    This is what happens when a flash mob stages the famous moaning scene from the 1989 romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally..."

    A chorus of several groaning women infiltrated the very deli where Meg Ryan first verbally mimicked bedroom ecstasy nearly 25 years ago. And yeah, these ladies did their own version of Ryan's moans, to the surprise and delight of surrounding restaurant patrons and employees.

    Don't worry, these women are qualified for the job — they're members of the NYC-based "prank collective" Improv Everywhere.

    We'll have what they're having.

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  • Major 'Hunger Games' Casting Shakeup! Author Demands Star Change for 'Catching Fire'

    Bryan Enk at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    See the stars turn out for the LIVE Los Angeles red carpet premiere of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' on Monday, Nov. 18 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT, only on Yahoo Movies:

    For those of you who are planning on seeing "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" when it opens next week (and that's probably about 98.9 percent of you), you may notice at least one character that's been recast: Buttercup the cat.

    The pet of Primrose Everdeen (Willow Shields) made for a point of mild controversy in the first "Hunger Games" movie when it was revealed that director Gary Ross (or at least the casting director in charge of animals) had gone with a black-and-white cat rather than the yellow-coated feline described in Suzanne Collins' novel. Fans can stop hissing now, as that kitty's been fired and Buttercup is now portrayed by a more accurate furry thespian.

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    Watch 'Catching Fire' Co-Start Connections, Part 1:

  • Jennifer Lawrence's Moving Exchange With Emotional Fan

    meriah at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    Warning: Open weeping may ensue if you watch this video.

    When Jennifer Lawrence greeted a fan at the London premiere for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" on Monday, the Internet took notice.

    The 23-year-old Oscar winner halted her duties as the evening's red carpet megastar to spend some quality time with an emotional fan. And our teammates across the pond at Yahoo Movies UK got the entire backstory.

    Here's how it went down:

    While we don't know exactly what was said between the two young women, the exchange between Lawrence and Hambly was wrought with sincerity as the actress took extra care to be gracious and warm.

    Watch 'Catching Fire' World Premiere — Jennifer Lawrence Interview: Follow me on Twitter (@meriahonfiah)

  • 'Catching Fire' Stars Get Personal in Our Co-Star Connections Game Show!

    Kara Warner at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    Jennifer Lawrence & director Francis Lawrence will answer your Qs via a @tumblr Ask on Wednesday, Nov. 6, right HERE!

    Ever wonder which "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” cast member peed the most while filming in the water? Thanks to our Insider Access, you no longer have to wonder.

    Yahoo! Movies was lucky enough to score an early sit-down with "Catching Fire" cast members Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Jena Malone, and Sam Claflin for a little get-to-know-you game we call “Co-Star Connections.”

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    As you can see in the video above, the “rules” were really just guidelines (at best), and the competition was fierce, but mostly funny. Oh and take note of the way in which Hutcherson’s spelling of “Jennifer” gets more and more creative with each answer.

    “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” opens November 22.

  • Sacha Baron Cohen ‘Kills’ Charlie Chaplin’s Oldest Living Co-Star

    Elizabeth Durand Streisand at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago

    Sacha Baron Cohen isn't known for his tact (remember when he sat on Eminem's face at the MTV Movie Awards … or when he Bisquick-bombed Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars?), but the star took his antics to a whole new level at the Britannia Awards on Saturday.

    The "Borat" actor was there to receive the prestigious Charlie Chaplin award, which honors a comedic talent. Presenting the award to the star was a woman identified as 87-year-old Grace Collington, Charlie Chaplin's oldest living co-star. Grace entered the stage in a wheelchair as Salma Hayek told the audience Grace had starred with Chaplin in the silent film "City Lights" in 1931, when she was only 5. As the elderly actress handed Sacha Charlie's cane from "City Lights," she cooed, "This is for you."

    "Grace Collington is the oldest, sorry, was the oldest living [Chaplin co-star]," he quipped. "I dedicate my award to her. It's obviously a tragedy, but on the bright side, what a great way to go. She'll probably make the Oscars In Memoriam section," he explained as her "body" was carried out of the room.

  • What Was That End Credits Scene in ‘Thor: The Dark World’ All About?

    mattmcd at Movie Talk 2 yrs ago


    If you stuck around for the credits of "Thor: The Dark World" -- and it's a Marvel movie, so you should know by now that you have to stay in your seat to the very end -- you saw a scene pop up in the middle that looked like it could be from another movie. And that's because it is (sort of).

    In the scene, the Asgardian warriors Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) step cautiously through a room filled with large glass display cases containing alien lifeforms and artifacts. They carry a box emitting a faint red glow. Apparently they retrieved the Aether from the dark world of Svartalfheim, and as said in the beginning of the film, it cannot be destroyed, only hidden. They are then introduced to the white-haired Taneleer Tivan, better known as The Collector, played by Benicio Del Toro (who joins Natalie Portman, Tommy Lee Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges in the ranks of Oscar-winning actors who appear in Marvel films).

    Still with us?

    Watch footage from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" Comic-Con panel: