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Just Because We Can Make a 'RoboCop,' Does That Mean We Should?

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Maybe we're not that far from a future where a human being can be merged with a robotic form like in "RoboCop." But like the original, the new take on the story poses the question, "Just because we can, does that mean we should?"

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In the second half to our exclusive featurette from the upcoming movie, the cast and filmmakers of "RoboCop" — along with a collection of scientists and futurists — discuss some of the ethical concerns raised by the prospect of fusing humanity and technology. In the movie, Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) is placed inside a robotic suit to bring him back to life. But his corporate overlords at Omni Consumer Products intend to only give him "the illusion of free will."

Joel Kinnaman as 'RoboCop' (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Of course, a cop like Murphy will only take orders for so long before he fights back. He begins to overwrite his programming according to his own morality and emotions. As Gary Oldman says in the video, "Robots don't have feelings. Still makes us special, huh?"

"RoboCop" opens nationwide on Feb. 12.


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