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Matthew McConaughey Reaches For the Stars in Teaser for Christoper Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

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Just when you thought you had a complete list of your favorite movie trailers of the year, along comes Christopher Nolan with his latest secretive but grand vision to demand a rewrite ... and an inclusion near the top.

"Interstellar" was already by default one of the most anticipated films of 2014, if only because when the man who gave us "Memento," "Inception," and "The Dark Knight" trilogy makes a new movie, we've already made plans to be there opening night.

Now Nolan has provided us with a teaser trailer to blast that hype straight to the heavens.

In keeping with Nolan's treatment of moviemaking as highly classified projects, the teaser doesn't reveal much about the sci-fi film's plot, but according to the film's official website, "In the future, governments and economies across the globe have collapsed, food is scarce, NASA is no more, and the 20th Century is to blame. A mysterious rip in spacetime opens and it's up to whatever is left of NASA to explore and offer up hope for mankind." Whoa!

The trailer does manage to thoroughly whet our appetites with a collection of truly majestic images ... all set to a lovely and strikingly calm score by Hans Zimmer, heavy on the organ and without any 'BRAAAHHMMMM's.

We get some rather moving voiceover, too. "We've always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible," muses Matthew McConaughey as some Malick-esque shots of sprawling fields soon segue into stock footage depicting some of humankind's greatest achievements off the surface of the Earth, from flying faster to the speed of sound to successful space travel.

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(Nolan might also be referring to his own seemingly impossible ability to rescue the Batman franchise from Joel Schumacher hell, but let's not get too meta with this just yet.)

From there, we see McConaughey behind the wheel of a truck, driving away from a farm house toward some unknown destination, a melancholy look of determination on his face as he sets out to take space travel to the next level.

"Perhaps we've forgotten that we are still pioneers ... that we've barely begun," he continues. "And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us ... that our destiny lies above us."

(Again, we could get all meta with this and say that Nolan himself, for all his terrific works of cinema, is saying "You ain't seen nothin' yet" with this dialogue, but we'll table that for now.)

The teaser closes with a title card that reads "One Year From Now." We don't have to wait quite that long (more like 11 months, actually), but it's long enough.

"Interstellar" opens Nov. 7, 2014.

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