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Insect Pranks and Strip Clubs: Why the 'Catching Fire' Cast Has More Fun Than the Rest of Us

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Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, ultimate jokesters

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, ultimate jokesters (Photo: Yahoo Movies/screengrab)

The cast of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" has the most fun. Period.

From all that we've been hearing, the magic that happens when you get Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and the rest of the gang together is truly epic.

In this case, a particularly noisy and creepy-crawly prank was pulled on J.Law. Oh yeah, there's also that time when they all ended up at a strip club getting lap dances from Little Bo Peep.

Bonus topics: Lawrence showing off a bloody knee, Harrelson's new youthful fan base, and what happens when Lawrence and Hutcherson get tired of each other.

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A few of our favorite revelations from the footage (above):

· Josh Hutcherson thought Jennifer Lawrence's blood would be "a different color."

· Sam Claflin received his first-ever lap dance from the same Little Bo Peep-clad stripper who performed for Jennifer Lawrence (and for which director Francis Lawrence paid)!

· There were around 200 crickets in that Tiffany box Jeffrey Wright gave to Lawrence as a prank — and plenty of them escaped beforehand.

· "It is absolute madness, bedlam, chaos, greatness." — Woody Harrelson on what it's like to be on the set of a "Hunger Games" movie.

· Hutcherson and Lawrence do not have a safe word for when they get tired of each other, they just shush each other a lot.

· Lawrence is still able to go out in public without being recognized ... at strip clubs.

Which could come in handy, if this acting thing fizzles and Little Bo Peep ever retires.

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