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  • Linda Pugach, star of tabloid tale “Crazy Love,” dead at 75

    Vera H-C Chan at Movie Talk1 yr ago

    Was it a love story about unfathomable forgiveness or a tale about obsession?

    Few could grasp the story of Linda Pugach, who died this week at age 75. She made media headlines, blinded in 1959 by a man hired by her former lover, who would later marry her after his 14-year prison sentence for the crime.

    The Pugaches, though, were never shy about talking about their lives (including a 1996 case in which his mistress of five years accused him of sexual abuse and aggravated harassment), be it on the talk show circuit, in a book, or in a 2007 Sundance documentary.

    "It was a massive tabloid story," said Dan Klores, the documentarian behind "Crazy Love," who was 10 when the story broke. "In those days, there were seven papers in New York and it was all over the papers."

    Years later, when a New York Times profile revisited the couple, he felt their story needed to be told onscreen. "What really interested me," Klores told Yahoo!, "was this relationship between obsession and love and what we do when we are brokenhearted, hurt, devastated — those secrets that we all hold."

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  • 2013 Preview: Milestone film anniversaries

    Vera H-C Chan at Movie Talk1 yr ago

    An epic that broke up two marriages, nearly killed a film studio, and reigned as the most expensive film ever made for 30-plus years. A thriller that made flocks of birds a fearsome sight for an entire generation.

    Throw in the last great "Star Wars" film (before prequels and Jar Jar Binks dimmed the franchise), a few holiday classics (including an unlikely "holiday"), World War II tales of heroism, and pop-culture peaks and a Valley Girl, and you have a 2013 packed with notable movie anniversaries.

    Other cinematic greats — and not-so-great but definitely memorable — will be observing their 20-, 25-, 30- and 50-year milestones in 2013. Start chilling the bubbly and consider what's coming up the anniversary queue.

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  • Golden Globe nominee’s forgotten marriage

    Vera H-C Chan at Yahoo! Movies Golden Globes Blog1 yr ago

    Bradley Cooper, who plays a man recovering from a mental breakdown opposite Jennifer Lawrence in "Silver Linings Playbook," has already received nods from the Screen Actors Guild, Broadcast Film Critics, Independent Spirit, National Board of Review, and Hollywood Film Awards (he won the last two). On Thursday morning, he picked up yet another nomination, this time for a Golden Globe. The spotlight is on as he transforms into one of the leading men of Hollywood, and here are the most buzzworthy details about the handsome actor:

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