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  • Batman Turns 75: Revisiting His Milestone Birthdays

    Joal Ryan at Yahoo Movies20 days ago

    Batman may be forever, but he's also old enough now to be a great-grandfather… or Tina Turner. And while Turner won't hit 75 until this fall, Batman marks his diamond anniversary on Sunday.

    It was on March 30, 1939, that "Detective Comics" No. 27 went on sale, and the pointy-eared Caped Crusader, the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, swooped into action for the first time.

    Here's a look back at the crimefighter's milestone birthdays on the road to 75, from his wonder years to his preeminence as Ben Affleck blockbuster fodder:

    1940: Batman turns 1, and gets gifted with his own title, costarring his new sidekick, Robin. The first issue of the Batman monthly has been noted as one of the "10 most valuable comic books in the world," with the issue, originally sold for 10 cents, valued at nearly $400,000. Among its key selling points: It features the first appearances of Batman foes the Joker and Catwoman (then known as The Cat). 


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