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  • Thor’s 'Treasures' Come to Disneyland

    Giana Mucci at Movie Talk5 mths ago

    JOIN US FOR THE LIVE RED CARPET PREMIERE OF "THOR: THE DARK WORLD" ON MONDAY NOV. 4 AT 9:30 P.M. ET/6:30 P.M. PT ON YAHOO MOVIES: MOVIES.YAHOO.COM/THOR-LIVE Mortals who have long dreamed of visiting the mystical land of Asgard, home of almighty Thor, will soon have their chance. Starting Nov. 1 and running through the holiday season, the "Treasures of Asgard" experience will be open to residents of earth at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

    Yahoo Movies got a sneak peek of this new Thor-themed attraction, and here is what we feasted our eyes upon:

    Display cases filled with various weapons of Asgardian warriors line a pathway into the museum room — where 'actual artifacts from Asgard' are on display.

    Loki’s horned helmet, the Dark Elf mask, as well as Lady Sif's sword appear beautifully encased in glass along with descriptions of their origin.

    The Bifrost is then activated — as explained by the voice of Odin — and the group is magically transported to Asgard to meet the mighty Thor himself!


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  • Actors and Their Animated Doppelgangers

    Giana Mucci at Movie Talk1 yr ago

    While promoting "The Croods," Nicolas Cage admitted to turning down the lead role in "Shrek" because of how the character looked. But he said it wasn't done purely out of vanity -- as some reports have claimed. You see, as a father, he wasn't sure whether embodying a giant green ogre would scare kids.

    We noticed that Cage looks a lot like his animated prehistoric character in "The Croods," in theaters now. But he's not the first actor to bear an uncanny resemblance to his -- or her -- cartoon counterpart:

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