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‘Homeland’ emerges as the show to beat at this year’s Globes

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With another trophy sweep potentially looming, "Homeland" should consider changing its name to "Awardsland."

In September, Showtime's series swept the top honors -- best drama, best actor, and best actress -- at the Emmys. This week, it grabbed Screen Actors Guild nominations for ensemble and stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.

And Thursday morning, "Homeland" led all series with four Golden Globe nominations, adding one for supporting actor Mandy Patinkin.

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While the series earned critical raves and good ratings during its first season, its sweep at the Emmys turned up the buzz to a fever pitch. President Obama declared it to be his favorite show. The Season 2 premiere on Sept. 30 saw a 60 percent ratings jump from the previous year.

This past Sunday's episode broke a "Homeland" record with 2.36 million viewers, though the season finale on Dec. 16 could very well top that number.

So, can "Homeland" sweep the Golden Globes like it did the Emmys? This season's stirring performances have already gotten awards talk, particularly the work of Danes and Lewis in their interrogation scene in the episode "Q&A." Danes is already a three-time Golden Globe winner, once for "Homeland" last year. Lewis was nominated, but lost out to Kelsey Grammar ("Boss").

Still, it's rare for a series to sweep, but "30 Rock" did it in 2009, winning best comedy, actor, and actress

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